GIS Recruitment

Unlocking the Power of Location

As leading specialists in GIS recruitment, we understand the transformative impact of geospatial information in the digital era. Our dedicated services connect top-tier talent with visionary organisations that are shaping the future through geospatial technology.

With over a decade of invaluable experience, Kinect Recruitment is a trusted leader in GIS recruitment across the UK and Europe. We empower clients to acquire, manage, and leverage cutting-edge geospatial expertise, enabling informed decisions and driving business outcomes.

Our expertise spans LiDAR, remote sensing, mapping, photogrammetry, application design-build, decision support systems, and technology implementation. We understand digital capabilities like data analytics, machine learning, cloud computing, and mobility as a driver of geospatial innovation.

Kinect Recruitment provides skilled personnel to unlock the power and value of geospatial technology. From data collection to system design and maintenance, our resources meet your needs.

Our geospatial recruitment team excels in filling specialist roles, drawing from an extensive network of candidates. We have an outstanding reputation in sectors such as rail, energy, utilities, communications, aerospace, and defence.

Collaborating closely with clients, we define roles, build resourcing plans, provide labour market analysis, and contribute to project outcomes. From start-ups to global leaders, we consistently deliver as the trusted geospatial resourcing partner.

We cover a range of GIS technologies including ESRI, GE SmallWorld, MapInfo, Cadcorp, Autodesk, Intergraph, MicroStation, and open-source platforms.

Kinect Recruitment is a corporate member of the AGI, demonstrating our commitment to the geospatial industry.

Choose Kinect Recruitment to unlock the true potential of geospatial technology. Experience the difference as we shape the future through the power of location.