Project Management and Administration Recruitment

Our specialised team excels in providing skilled office professionals who bring valuable expertise to your organisation. The roles we cover include:

  • Receptionist: First point of contact, ensuring a professional and welcoming atmosphere.
  • PMO (Project Management Office): Supporting project management functions, ensuring effective coordination and organisation.
  • Secretary: Assisting with administrative tasks, including scheduling, correspondence, and document management.
  • Executive Assistant: Providing comprehensive support to executives, managing their calendars, travel arrangements, and other crucial tasks.
  • Office Manager: Overseeing office operations, including facilities management, supplies, and administrative coordination.
  • Personal Assistant: Offering personalised assistance to individuals, managing their schedules and facilitating their daily activities.
  • Customer Service: Delivering exceptional service and resolving customer inquiries and issues effectively.
  • Operations Manager: Streamlining business operations, optimising processes, and ensuring department efficiency.
  • Administrator: Handling various administrative duties, such as data entry, record keeping, and file management.

Kinect's Office and Administration Recruitment Team is committed to identifying candidates who possess the required skills and experience and align with your company culture and values. We understand that finding the right fit is crucial for a successful working environment.

By partnering with Kinect, you can rely on our expertise and dedication to sourcing top-quality professionals who will contribute to the smooth running of your office and help drive your business forward.